Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Toy Boxes for Kids - Three of the Best for 2015-2016

Some kids are born with a knack for keeping their bedroom or toy room neat and tidy, while others have to be told a million times to pick up their toys and keep their things organized. I was the latter.

The best toy boxes for kids are ones that showcase how easy it is for kiddos to maintain a nice and well-kept play space. These toy boxes are colorful and add a touch of charm to the interior decor of kids’ rooms.

Plus, some of the knickknack tote-arounds these days are lightweight with multiple storage compartments, little activity stations, and cartoon character themes.

I hand-picked the best 3 toy boxes for kids from a range of 10. Each of these boxes go toward the goal of teaching your kiddo the importance of keeping their toys picked up.


Step2 Lift & Hide Bookcase and Storage Chest

This toy box doubles as so much more than a simple place for kiddos to stow away their toys. Constructed from durable, long-lasting, reliable plastic, there are two shelves above the main toy box, giving kiddos room for their stuffed animals, baby dolls, books, and trinkets.

The flip-open lid has no-pinch hinges, and the box itself is accommodating and convenient enough to fit in a bedroom nook.


Step2 2-in-1 Toy Box and Art Lid

Inclusive of two storage bins—this toy box is special-made, constructed from strong plastic that is built to outlast the average wear and tear of childhood. The aim here is to rarely have to buy a new toy box, allowing your kids to one day pass this one down to their kids, and possibly down to THEIR kids (depending on how well-taken care of the box is in three generations. Wink).

The bottom of this toy box is traditional—perfect for holding stuffed animals and toys. However, the top two bins are great for art supplies, and the flip-open lid has a wipe-away surface for dry-erase drawings.


Newco Kids Deluxe Toy Box

This toy box is my favorite because it doubles as a plush, plump seat and ottoman. The exterior is lined in fluff and smooth fabric, making it comfortable for sitting and resting your feet.

Whereas the interior is nice and spacious with safety air-vents and tons of storage space for small toys and stuffed animals. Plus, the lift-open lid has no-pinch hinges to keep boo-boos at bay.


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