Friday, October 9, 2015

The Best Science Toys for Brilliant Young Minds

Amazing Kids' Science Toys in 2015

Choosing science toys for kids is, as I have discovered, the equivalent of attempting to find the long-lost needle in the haystack. Only the haystack has billions of needles, all of them special, and you are searching for a specific three. Weird way of saying it, I know. However, thanks to lots of research and hands-on experience with some of the best science toys in 2015, I can declare the search over.

The following three picks among this year's best science toys are the best for brilliant young minds. Each one is unique and mesmerizing in their own right. Some require experiments and puzzle-solving skills, some encourage a thriving interest and love for nature, and others are just soothing to gaze upon.


Uncle Milton Star Theatre Pro

Call me biased on this one, but I am head over heels in gaga love with all of the astronomy toys from Uncle Milton. Actually, when I think of toys, I think of building bricks and Hot Wheels cars.

The Star Theatre Pro is more of a peacekeeper, insomnia-breaker, and amazing, fascinating gizmo all rolled into one.

Here is what you do. Sit in a dark room and turn on the projector. Tens of thousands of stars, planets, and moons will spring to life on the walls around you. Plus, a neat-o Planetarium soundtrack (optional play, of course) lends to the ultimate indoor stargazing experience.


Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden

We can agree…butterflies are beautiful and important components of nature. There are thousands of varieties, but the Live Butterfly Garden focuses on one – the Monarch. These giant-winged beauties have a trademark orange and black color, and their transformations are the most fascinating of the butterflies.

With the garden, you and your kiddos will receive a voucher for five live caterpillars and their food. The garden is a collapsible, reusable, mesh habitat. Within a few weeks, you can cultivate real, living butterflies, observing them before releasing them back into nature.


Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science

You might not find anything appealing about the disgusting, gross things our bodies can come up with, but your kids probably do. Boogers, intestines, smelly stuff…Yuck! This science kit is disgusting, and it is supposed to be. It delves into the weird, the gross, and the plain attention-grabbing functions, sounds, and fluids that our bodies create.

In four safe, mold-growing petri dishes, kids can learn all about the lifespan of certain bacteria. They can also create their own miniature versions of stinky internal organs, fake blood, and snot-covered slime balls.

Plain gross to us, but fascinating and beautifully disgusting to them.


Find this year's most disgusting, ooey-gooey science toys - plus some others:

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