Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Best, Fluffiest Stuffed Animals That Kids Will Love

I used to have a massive stuffed animal collection. As a matter of fact, I was so enamored with cuddly, fluffy stuffed animals, that those were all I would ask for on birthdays and Christmas throughout my childhood – much to the dismay of my mother who had to help find room for my growing collection. Hehe!

Of course, over the decades, I have lost, given away, or thrown away most of the collection for one reason or another, but there are still those cherished few that remind me of the happiest years of my childhood. For this reason, I consider myself somewhat of an expert on the best stuffed animals in terms of fluffiness and cuddliness.

The following three stuffed animals have wandered across my radar as the best – the ones that kids will love and find comfort in.


LeapFrog My Pal Scout

Scout is an interactive, lime-green pup who is a little more than the usual stuffed animal. Sure, he is cute, cuddly, and huggable – but he is also decked out with buttons and educational lessons to rival modern tablets.

His paws are equipped with easy-push buttons that have different symbols on them to tell kids what those buttons do. For example, on his right bottom paw there is a little moon and star. When pressed, Scout sings sweet, familiar lullabies to lull your little one to sleep.


Melissa and Doug Plush Burrow Bunny

Traditional in under-stuffed fluffiness, Burrow Bunny is the ultimate cutie and bedtime companion. Her fuzzy, super-floppy ears are adorable, tied up in little bows to frame her sweet face. Her fur is faux, but it mimics the feel of real rabbit fur, complete with the softness that you would feel when touching a real baby bunny.

Her curious, innocent expression is endearing, but my favorite part about Burrow Bunny has to be her big, floppy feet. She is super cute, for sure.


FurReal Friends StarLily, My Magical Unicorn

Unicorns are AWESOME – no doubt…and StarLily is one of the coolest, most magical unicorns ever. She is decked out with beautiful blonde and rainbow-streaked curls in her tail and mane, a pair of gorgeous fluttering wings that sparkle, and a color-changing horn that lights up from the inside.

She also responds to touch so kids can rest assured that she feels and loves their hugs. Perfect for bedtime cuddles. Plus, she has the subtle scent of strawberries in her hair. She also comes with a small, purple strawberry treat.


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