Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Three of the Top 10 Best Toys from 2015 into 2016

Out of the list of the top girls' and boys' toys this year, and into the next, there are 3 that really stand out as being the best of the best. These toys are creative with elements of educational fun that make learning ten times cooler, especially for youngsters who have a problem with sitting down and learning with the sometimes-mundane and monotonous methods of public education.

Kids playing with these toys are capable of learning at their own pace with the help of tech-savvy gizmos and creative outlets.

The following 3 toys from the list of the top 10 kids' toys have been dubbed THE best because they represent all of the imaginative fun that kiddos can expect from a truly great plaything.


Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo

(For ages 9 months to 3 years)

BeatBo is crazy cool! He dances, sings, and teaches with his sing-along songs, shaking hips, bobbing head, and push buttons. There are several buttons and sensors all over this cute robot—each does something different, like teaching about letters, colors, shapes, and numbers. All while dancing his heart out and encouraging kiddos to do the same.

This little robot has an adorable face and rainbow-colored antennas, as well as clomping feet and excitable, waving arms. His whole demeanor is cute and engaging, making him the perfect educational toy for toddlers.


LeapFrog Epic Kids’ Tablet

(For ages 3-9 years)

LeapFrog leaps forward in their toy creation every year, making improvements to their already-amazing gadgets. Dubbed the Epic, this kids’ tablet is Android-based, which means more flexible everything – from Internet capabilities, to enhanced parental controls, and better customization for kids to express their unique personality, imagination, and creativity.

However, the best thing about this tablet is how it improves and becomes more advanced as your youngster grows up. Going up to age 9 in development, this tablet starts with the basics of learning and fun, but it can be customized to a specific age and development level.


Play-Doh Crazy Cuts

(For ages 3 and up)

Crazy Cuts is a cool little Play-Doh boutique where kids can be beauticians and barbers, trimming the doughy strands of their smiling customers. There are 6 pastel colors of Play-Doh to begin with, but this set is compatible with all Play-Doh colors. You could even mix your own!

To prepare customers for a trim, the little people are placed in a barber shop chair that pushes up to push out new hair at any length your kiddo wants. From there, it is all molding and trimming into Mohawks and pigtails!


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