Friday, October 23, 2015

3 Electric Ride-On Cars with the Best and Coolest Designs for 2015-2016

2015-2016's Best Kids' Electric Ride-On Cars

Image - Mini Cooper Ride-On @ Amazon
When reviewing toys, including kids' ride-on electric cars, I often ask myself, “What would I have loved to play with when I was a youngster?”

I had a ride-on when I was around 6 years old—a Barbie one that I would get stuck on the crossties surrounding my house. I even ran my youngster sister down once. Ha! Oh—the memories, but that little Barbie car was my favorite because it had the coolest designs ever. The color was so pretty, and I am usually not a gal who loves pink.

With cool designs and decals in mind—I compiled a brief menu of three of the best electric ride-on cars this year. At least in my opinion.

Plus, if none of these strike your fancy, they will give you great ideas for other electric ride-ons that your kiddos will love.


Fisher-Price Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler

Disney’s Frozen was a huge hit last year—one that hundreds of thousands of kids (and adults) can quote word-for-word. Myself being one of them. Ha! It was a great movie. Grin!

In any case, this Jeep Wrangler is a Frozen dream come true with sparkling snowflakes and shimmering decals of Anna and Elsa.

The construction is solid and durable, with thick, rugged, all-terrain wheels for anywhere driving. Plus, there are two speeds—2.5 miles-per-hour and 5 miles-per-hour—and a parent-controlled single speed for toddlers.


Fisher-Price Power Wheels Dune Racer

Awesome in rockin’ red and black.

The Dune Racer features fierce detailing that makes this ride-on look ferocious. The thick, rugged tires are perfect for all-terrain conditions, and there is a reverse gear that reaches speeds of 2.5 miles-per-hour. The forward gears can reach speeds of either 2.5 or 5 miles-per-hour.

The traction is described as monstrous, allowing kids to move over rough-and-tough surfaces with ease.


Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ford F-150 Ride-On

Designed to mimic the awesome detailing and cool look of an actual Ford F-150—this ride-on is a must-have from Power Wheels.

Decked out in chrome and blue, the truck has the usual speed controls, comfortable seats, and storage compartments.

However, this one is unique in that it also has speakers for built-in tunes while your kiddo is cruising. An MP3 jack allows kids to hook in their MP3 players. Or, they can listen to the built-in, real-working FM radio in the dashboard. Too cool!


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