Friday, October 23, 2015

The 3 Best Scooters for Kids on the Go

2015-2016's "Best of" Kids' Scooters

Believe it or not—there are still neighborhoods in the world where kiddos can walk, ride bikes, and scoot around with their friends in a safe and secure environment. It might sound a little 1950s, but these communities are the best when it comes to giving kiddos and their friends the freedom and independence they need for a fun and fulfilling summer.

Some of the top modes of transportation for these neighborhood-ruling youngsters are scooters—and the top picks for kids are those that allow safe sidewalk cruising with optimum customization.

These scooters are the ultimate in freedom-giving fun and most kids wind up learning cool stunts to go along with their leisure riding capabilities.

3 of the best scooters for kids this year are –


Razor A Kick Scooter

This scooter is THE classic—the end-all be-all of traditional kick-off scooters.

There are a dozen colors available—all cool and customizable, provided your youngster has some awesome decals for personalization.

The deck is low for stability and balance, while the wheels are streamlined for smooth-rolling on somewhat rough terrain.


Yvolution Y Fliker Sport SP 1 Scooter

The Y Fliker is a unique breed apart from traditional scooters. Instead of a single platform, the deck is split into two, one for each foot. This gives kiddos a better sense of secured balance, control, and coordination.

The extra-large wheels are great for extra stability, and riders use their body weight in hip and leg movements to steer.

The sleek design of this scooter also helps with rapid acceleration, and each of the decks features a no-slip grip material on the exterior.

The handlebar is, of course, adjustable, and this one is available in tons of cool, customizable colors.


Razor E100 Electric Scooter

I have seen dozens of kiddos of all ages operating one of these electric scooters on their paths to school. Even adults have been known to jump on these from time to time.

A single charge yields 40-minutes of ride time at top speeds of 10 miles-per-hour. However, the motor engages at 3 miles-per-hour, which means this scooter requires a powerful sequence of kick-offs before the electric elements will engage.

Of course, the E100 ranges in colors and customizations for kids who love to personalize their transportation.

Plus, there is an adjustable handlebar, which means youngsters can use this scooter well into their adulthoods.


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