Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Best Jigsaw Puzzles for Problem-Solving Kids in 2015

Some kids are natural problem solvers—ones who delight at the challenge of a new puzzle or riddle. Jigsaw puzzles are awesome ways for youngsters to flex their mental muscles and strengthen their innate problem-solving skills.

Plus, jigsaw puzzles help build imaginations, coordination, concentration, and a sense of self-confidence, independence, and self-worth that will carry kiddos through their childhoods and well-into adulthood.

The following three of the best jigsaw puzzles for kids are ones I have handpicked as the best of the best for kids who not only love challenges, but also love vibrant, beautiful colors with well-detailed pictures in amazing themes.


Melissa and Doug Land of Dinosaurs Jigsaw Puzzle

This dinosaur puzzle is vibrant and bold with numerous dinosaurs on a prehistoric backdrop, complete with palm trees, sunsets, and gigantic cliffs. 100% gorgeous!

There are 60 jigsaw puzzle pieces—each with a fine gloss finish that makes them longer-lasting and more durable for years of play and the average wear and tear.

While this is a great one for kiddos, I could totally see spending an hour or two piecing this together for the sake of how pretty and colorful the picture is.


Ravensburger Ocean Jigsaw Puzzle

Another gorgeous jigsaw puzzle—this one is ocean-themed with featured pictures of sea turtles and all kinds of cool fish on a backdrop of sunlit water and a forefront of colorful coral.

The puzzle picture is somewhat realistic with a glossed finish that makes it a must-hang. To do so, have your kiddo piece together the puzzle, apply some puzzle glue, and frame it.

This allows kids to keep their 200-piece puzzle as a reminder of their accomplishment, as well as beautiful décor to hang in their bedroom.


Melissa and Doug Wooden Zoo Jigsaw Puzzles in a Box

Chunkier than the previous jigsaw puzzles in this list—the Wooden Zoo features a box of four awesome puzzles, each with a zoo animal theme. For example, there are tigers, lions…and bears! OH MY! Okay, okay…maybe not bears, but there are elephants and zebras, too.

Each puzzle features an assortment of pieces, usually numbering around a dozen. The backs of the pieces are numbered for quick and simple sorting that helps young kids build their coordination skills.

Over time, youngsters should be able to improve their problem-solving skills, putting these puzzles together in record time without looking at the coded backs.


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