Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Three of the Best Imagination-Building Puzzles for Toddlers

2015-2016's "Best of" Toddler Puzzles

Toddler puzzles play an important role in imagination-building and development. Little ladies and gents have minds like sponges—constantly absorbing the information of the world around them to refine their creativity and everyday life skills. Think of these puzzles as basic learning 101, but combined with heaps of fun.

While some believe that puzzles are not mandatory when raising a kiddo, others, such as myself, think puzzles simply make it easier for toddlers to learn and hone hand-eye coordination, concentration, and control—all while gaining a bigger, better sense of self-confidence and independence.

The following three among the best puzzles for toddlers have been handpicked as the best of the best for toddlers. Each of these puzzles have a theme with vibrant colors, chunky pieces, and a focus on topic learning.


Melissa and Doug See and Spell

You know me…I am a HUGE advocate for anything that encourages early reading and learning. The See and Spell is one such puzzle that I would love to see more toddlers using to bulk up on their early spelling and comprehension skills.

There are 16 puzzles in a single wooden box, complete with a plethora of letter pieces in bold colors. Each puzzle features a unique picture, such as a bird, car, fish, or bus, and they see and spell with the letters to make colorful, complete puzzles.


Melissa and Doug Alphabet Sound Puzzle

Sound puzzles are rare because so few brands want to put in the time and attention. Melissa and Doug, however, are different, striving towards new levels of learning fun for kiddos who love puzzles.

This sound puzzle is all about the alphabet, complete with 26 letters in vibrant colors. The letter pieces pop out to reveal new pictures and patterns underneath. When the pieces are put back in their places, the puzzle board tells kids what the letter is and what it sounds like.


Melissa and Doug Beginner Pattern Blocks

Pattern block puzzles are a preschool concept that has yet to go out of style. These puzzles number 10 patterns in a single wooden box with over 30 puzzle pieces in an array of colorful shapes.

Using the patterns on each board, kids piece together vibrant puzzles with the shapes in their side compartment.

When they are through, kiddos can stow away the puzzles and pieces back into the wooden box—inclusive of a lid.


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