Sunday, October 25, 2015

Three Ride-On Toys that Toddlers Go Gaga For

2015-2016 Best Toddler Ride-Ons

When shopping for toddler ride-ons, it's a good idea to look for the ones that build up confidence and a sense of self and independence, while inspiring imagination and encouraging individuality.

From an expansive menu of hundreds, I have handpicked a select few that make the grade in terms of meeting the criteria for ultimate toddler happiness.

The three following picks among the best ride-on toys for toddlers are pint-size and adorable—perfect for toddlers who are just learning how to coordinate their movements. Each ride-on is also customizable with stick-on, peel-off decals that allow kiddos to showcase their unique personalities—much the same way an adult would add bumper stickers to customize and personalize their car.


Power Wheels Lil Quad

Great for kiddos who love the outdoors—this instant classic is an adorable ATV-inspired ride-on with thick and rugged wheels for all-terrain tread and traction.

The overall construction is top-notch, designed to withstand years of wear and tear, daily riding, and the usual bumps of rough-and-tumble environments. The low-sitting seat and little step make it easier for toddlers to climb on and off, while the handlebars feature little grips for easier grasping by small hands.

To go, toddlers simply have to press the push-to-start button.


Little Tikes Go and Grow Lil Rollin Giraffe Ride-On

This little giraffe is all cuteness!

Dubbed the Go and Grow, this ride-on is perfect for both indoor and outdoor riding—as long as mom says it is okay, of course.

The construction is designed to look like a sweet-faced giraffe, complete with ears and customizable spots.

The seat is low-sitting for easier on and off climbing, and the handlebars feature soft grips with miniature grooves. The wheels of this ride-on are smooth for easy rolling and oversized for optimum stability, balance, and coordination.


Radio Flyer Ride 2 Glide Ride-On and Scooter

This ride-on is a new one for me! Instead of growing with kids in an adjustable way, this ride-on becomes a scooter when kiddos are ready to advance from sitting to standing.

The seat adjusts, pulling up into a handlebar position to give kids a low-sitting deck for kick-off power.

When using the Ride 2 Glide as a classic ride-on, the handlebars are adjustable and feature a little storage compartment for drinks and on-the-go snacks.

The color is a classic Radio Flyer red and the construction is solid steel for years of long-lasting ride time and the average wear and tear.


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