Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Best Toddler Bicycles in 2016

Top 3 Picks - Bikes for Toddlers This Year

Bicycles and childhood are as expected and appreciated as peanut butter and grape jellies. We have all seen the feel-good television scenarios where parents are holding the back of their kiddo’s bike, letting go when the youngster finds their stride and pedals off down the neighborhood.

Truth be told, if those movies are comedies, the kids might wind up in a bush or two before getting the hang of it—but I digress.

The best toddler bicycles are modern and handcrafted with 2016 in mind. While some are built for balance, others are classic, but both are heaps of childhood learning and fun.

The following three toddler bikes are top-notch, running the gamut between beginner and adventure-ready.


RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kids Bike

Parents and kids alike love this bike for different reasons. Parents like it because it arrives 95% assembled, and the remainder is simple to assemble.

Kiddos love this bike because it allows them to be adventurous, leaping from beginner to pint-size BMX superstar.

There are optional training wheels and the pedals adjust to grow with toddlers, meaning this bike will last a while.

The brakes are pump-powered, controlled from the handlebars, and there is a water bottle beneath the saddle seat.


Radio Flyer Glide & Go Balance Bike

Best known for their wagons and classic bikes, Radio Flyer has added balance bikes to their repertoire.  The shining red is signature for this brand, and this bike is no exception.

While there are no pedals, toddlers can use the push-off method with their feet on the ground to get moving. Hence the name Glide and Go.

The wheels are rugged with perfect traction for optimum safety and grip.

This little bike comes with a classy, old-fashioned bell on the handlebars.


YBIKE Balance Bike

Toddlers are in love with this balance bike! It is chunky, safe, and loads of fun—plus, it comes in a couple cool colors, like ocean blue.

YBike is an award-winning brand, and this balance bike is handcrafted to teach toddlers how to maintain their balance and composure when rolling forward.

Kids can push off with their feet to get moving a few inches at a time, and the treads are great for neighborhood sidewalks, or even grassy backyards.

These bikes are low-sitting for stability.

Toddlers who master this bike might also love the Extreme version that mimics a beginner BMX bike—sans pedals.


If you want to check out more toddler balance and pedal bikes, here are some more picks - spring and summer 2016 video:

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