Monday, February 29, 2016

The 3 Best Wooden Playhouses for Kids & Their Friends

2016's Top Picks in Wooden Playhouses

Looking back now, my childhood was packed full of imagination and afternoons of pretend-play. The internet was not a household device yet, and all my sister and I had were each other, our cousins, and a few neighborhood friends.

Life without technology might sound horrific to today’s kids, but it was actually awesome.

Of course, I had a little playhouse, but mine was cottage-style and constructed from hard plastic. These days, imaginative little girls and boys have the option of wooden playhouses with more feature and tons of room for them and their friends.

So, without further ado, the following list of three are the best wooden playhouses for backyard fun, especially in the summertime.


Big Backyard Summit Bancroft Playhouse

The natural cedar of this wooden playhouse means it smells absolutely fresh and amazing on the interior. The color is stained to resemble redwood, and the cedar slats and shingled roof are weather-treated for long-lasting fun for lots of summers to come.

The interior of the playhouse has awesome features that make it look like a small café.

For instance, a little coffee table and chalkboard are nestled in the corner and on the wall. The exterior comes with flower boxes, real-working shutters, and a real-working doorway.

The dark green and white trim make beautiful accents!


Axi Wooden Emma Playhouse

Funky and cute, this little wooden playhouse has quirky trim around the doors, railings, windows, making the house look slightly tilted like a funhouse.

There is a single reclined ladder on one side for easier up-and-down, and there is a curvy, short slide on the other side for fun slip-offs.

This is what I envision a fairytale playhouse to look like.

So cute!  =)


Outdoor Living Today Cozy Cabin Cedar Playhouse

I am head over heels in love with the Cozy Cabin playhouse. It looks like it should be in an episode of Little House on the Prairie. Or, perhaps the backdrop for a vintage horror movie. Not for the kiddos, of course, but a full-sized replica would be awesome in the latest paranormal flick. Wink!

Seriously though, this playhouse is decked out in gorgeous cedar slats with a front porch, shingled roof, and four flower boxes beneath real-working windows. Sort-of rustic, but luxurious for an outdoorsy kid-at-heart like me. Like-minded youngsters would probably love to watch the rain from the covered porch.


Find more picks in the video below - some strong contenders among the "best wooden playhouses" this year:

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