Thursday, March 12, 2009

Transformers Animated Megatron Toys | Types, Best Deals

Transformers Animated Megatron - Voyager Megatron ToyNext in the "Best Toys" installment of Animated Transformers Toys is - you guessed it, Transformers Animated Megatron Toys. Below is a list of the four most popular of the Transformers Animated Megatron Toys (figures, etc), and point the direction to the best shopping resource/s for each:
1. Transformers Animated Leader Megatron Toys - There are a couple of the "Leader" toys available, both of them very cool and scoring some very nice reviews. These are the Transformers Animated Leader and the Leader Class Shadowblade Megatron. Best shopping - for the Animated Leader - Amazon Toys. For Leader Class Shadowblade - (definitely)

2. Transformers Animated Megatron Voyager Cybertronian Toys - This is the one in the photo shown top left. The vehicle mode for this Transformer is a super sonic jet fighter, with "fusion cannons" as weapons. And - as you can see he looks pretty ferocious in robot mode as well. =) Best Shopping - it's a tossup, you'd do well with either Amazon Toys or eBay auctions.

3. Transformers Animated Megatron Activators Toys - The "Activators" are known to be a bit simpler to transform - they can convert from vehicle mode to robot mode practically in a single motion, and putting it back together in vehicle mode is a little trickier, but not overly challenging. And generally speaking the price on this toy might be a little easier to "swallow" =) Best shopping: Amazon Toys.

4. Transformers Animated Optimus Prime vs. Megatron - "The Battle Begins" - A lot of little Transformers fans not only enjoy transforming the toys, but pitting them against each other in battles. This is the ultimate for kids who enjoy this type of playing, as it features the leaders and the toughest of each side - Optimus Prime and Megatron in the same set. Best shopping: Amazon Toys.

These toys are sure to be a hit for pretty much any Tranformer toys lover, and for kids looking for Transformers Animated Megatron Toys you can't go wrong with these.

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