Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Transformers Animated Activators Toys

Transformers Animated Activators - overall these toys have received great reviews and are among the top-selling Transformers toys on the market today - not by accident. Transformers Animated Activators are known to rather easily transform from robot to vehicle mode - making them simple enough for the youngest of Transformers fans to handle and play with.

They're also not toooooo simple, they're a bit of a challenge and require some "thinking power" to get them put back together one way or another - making them also fun for older kids.

And - considering that only half the fun is transforming them (the other half being playing out Transformers "live" scenarios) - these can be considered some of the more creative along the line of Tranformers toys - period.

Where to buy: I believe the most ideal places to look are the Transformers Animated Activator Toys page on the "Animated Transformers Toys" website and the Transformers Animated Activator Toys shopping page on Squidoo. Both of these resources show a couple of great resources to buy them in terms of pricing - and you can find the current entire collection of them from convenient links on the pages.

No matter where you decide to buy these toys, I highly recommend them for their "fun factor" and their creative detailing - they're very much like the characters on the "Animated" series and are great for kids of all ages - at least those that are Transformers fans. =)

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Tonya B.

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