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Transformers Animated Voyager Toys 2009

Transformers Animated Bulkhead Voyager ToyTransformers Animated Voyager Toys are a whole new breed in the Animated Transformers toys collection. In fact, Transformers Animated Voyager Toys are taking a real "front seat" in the toy lineup for 2009.

Here's some of what's available for the Voyager Toys - several of the most popular - with a brief description of each:
  • Bulkhead (shown left) - He's a big (and actually sort of lovable) Autobot Transformer who is a powerful asset to the good side - although a bit clumsy. He transforms from robot mode to armored truck.
  • Starscream - Well, Starscream is a real bad guy - in fact he's even a bad guy to the bad guys! No one can trust him, and one never knows what he will do next! In vehicle mode he is a missile-launching jet fighter.
  • Grimlock - Grimlock is a rather fun addition to the Transformers - he's new to the characters with the "Animated" Series, and is what is called a "Dinobot". When he transforms from robot mode he is a fearsome T-Rex dinosaur. (Good thing he's one of the good guys!)
  • Megatron - Well we all know about this Transformers Animated Voyager toy - he's well known to his fellows and his enemies as one of the most powerful and fearsome forces in history. This toy transforms from the Megatron character to a powerful jet fighter.
  • Blitzwing - This Transformers Animated Voyager toy is based on a rather "twisted" and possibly the most interesting character in the Animated series. He has 3 personalities, 3 faces and 3 modes that he transforms into. He's one of the Decepticons, and is a rather dangerous kind of a guy.
There are more of the toys including characters such as Optimus Prime (of course), but the above gives a list of the currently most popular ones available

To see the entire collection of the Transformers Animated Voyager Toys for 2009, visit:

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