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Transformers Animated Ultra Magnus Toys 2009

Transformers Animated Ultra Magness Toy - Leader Ultra MagnusUltra Magnus is one of the characters from the "Transformers Animated" cartoon series for kids and Transformers Animated Ultra Magnus Toys have surfaced as being some of the more popular toys in the entire Transformers Animated collection.

The types of Transformers Animated Ultra Magnus Toys available in 2009 (so far) include:
  • Transformers Animated Leader Ultra Magnus - this is a rather impressive toy, featuring light and sound effects and transforms from robot mode into an 8-wheeled missile transport. This is an excellent duplication of the Autobot leader from the series. Cost - $45-$50. Best shopping - Amazon Toys.
  • Transformers Animated Action Figure (10" tall) - This is known to be one of the most advanced toys in the "Animated" lineup - it has a spring-loaded hammer and heavy cannons as weapons when in vehicle mode. Cost - $80-$85. Best shopping -
Note about Ultra Magnus: For those of you who aren't familiar with the "Animated" series, Ultra Magnus is actually the leader of the Autobots at the time that the Allspark seeks out Optimus Prime as it's protector. There is a "touch" of a conflict between Ultra Magnus and Optimus Prime in that Ultra Magnus actually instructs Optimus not to fight the Decepticons without help - but if Optimus had obeyed this leader's order, the Autobots under him would have been destroyed and the Allspark would have been turned over to enemy hands.

Thank goodness Optimus Prime didn't listen to him!

However, Ultra Magnus is known as a great leader of the Autobots and is respected by those who are commanded by him.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the Transformers Animated Ultra Magnus Toys, the places I recommend above are known to have the lowest prices and a nice selection as well.

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