Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nintendo Super Mario Mini R/C Kart - A Collector's Review

As someone who is an avid collector and enthusiast of all things Mario, I was overjoyed to find the Nintendo Super Mario Mini R/C Kart -- not just for my benefits, but also for the enjoyment of my 6 year old son. After it arrived, I discovered one thing that I hadn't considered when I bought it at the stunning low price of $24.95. What did I discover? ...That this wasn't going to be another collectable to sit on my shelf. My son wouldn't let that happen! He demanded I break the seal, at which time he proceeded to laugh and steer this little remote-controlled car around the kitchen linoleum.

Since this is a kid's toy, I wanted to write this review based on my son's personal opinion. However, when I asked what he thought of the Nintendo Super Mario Mini R/C Kart, he simply yelled, "I love it!" before running off to play in his bedroom. Therefore, I will point out exactly what he loves about this toy despite his all encompassing statement.

The Nintendo Super Mario Mini R/C Kart looks exactly like the racecar in the Mario Kart video game. Mario is perfect in his dapper red hat with matching overalls -- completed with his signature moustache. You can tell that each detail was made painstakingly accurate to hold the attention of a younger crowd. Plus, the racecar is easy to steer and runs on pure long-lasting battery power.

While it's true I'm a serious collector, I'm a devoted father first -- one that could never become upset with his kids if they played with any of the collectable toys. It warmed my heart to hear my little boy's excited giggles as the Nintendo Super Mario Mini R/C Kart raced under the kitchen table. I fully intend to get Mario's counterpart, Yoshi, so we can both bond over our Kart skills.

Publisher's note:

The Super Mario Mini R/C Kart is part of the prestigious list of the best RC cars 2012 - a list designed just for kids this year.

Video - check out the Super Mario Mini Kart and some others on the list of the best remote control cars for kids this year:

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