Thursday, July 16, 2015

LEGO Sets that 5 Year Olds Will Love

In my experience – 5 year old youngsters are never that hard to please. They have yet to really delve deep into that picky stage, where everything is wrong and tantrums are only a bad day away. Lucky for us – those picky years usually pass pretty quickly, replaced by the creative angst of preteens.

But I digress.

The following list is for those awesome, imaginative kiddos – the ones who have yet to develop their pickiness or attitudes. You asked and received – these are three picks among the best LEGOs for 5 year old kids.

I have handpicked and researched for you, dear readers – and I discovered a top-notch 3 that are the absolute best, delighting both girls and boys with building bricks galore.


LEGO Bricks & More Creative Bucket

For kiddos who brim, overflow, and practically burst in blooming blossom with imagination and creative thinking – the Creative Bucket is a must-have and my personal favorite. There are over 600 colorful building bricks that kids can use to make imaginative structures, utilizing their abilities as flourishing builders, artists, dreamers, and creative minds.

Additionally, there are over 300 rare, vivacious blue building bricks in each convenient, tote-around bucket.


LEGO Friends Downtown Bakery

Going through the true test of an amazing friendship, Mia & Danielle have friendship first and are business partners second. Their mutual love of baking guided them toward opening their own Downtown Bakery.

There are over 250 building bricks, each fitting perfectly within the bakery or outside as an accessory. Dozens of delicious, decadent desserts, such as pastries, cakes, and cookies, line the shelves and outdoor concessions, awaiting the many LEGO customers with a sweet tooth.

This set is THE ultimate test of true friendship for best pals and business associates, Mia & Danielle.


LEGO Juniors Batman – Defend the Bat Cave Set

Batman is a tried-and-true, ultra-classic favorite! He is inspiring as a superhero in many ways – one being that he is completely human, giving youngsters the impression that anyone can battle the evil in the world and win.

This specific LEGO must-have features Batman, his sidekick Robin, and their most villainous villain of all time…The Joker. Okay, so maybe Bane was the true evil in the saga as well, but he is NOT included – so Joker moves up in rank. Ha! There are over 150 buildable elements here, allowing kids to use their imagination to construct an impenetrable Bat Cave – complete with traps and weaponry. Also includes the amazing, epic Batmobile!


Here is a fun little vid, with some visual ideas on LEGOs for 5 year olds this year:

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