Wednesday, May 27, 2015

3 Outdoor Toddler Toys that Your Kiddo Will Love

In my humble opinion, outdoor toddler toys should inspire a youngster’s imagination, creativity, and drive to learn – all at a young age. These kinds of toys are designed to be attention-grabbing and engaging, holding a kiddo’s interest while encouraging them to learn, play, and grow as their own little people.

I am a big fan of summer, and I think toddler toys can and should be played with outside, giving kiddos the opportunity to soak up a little vitamin-rich sunshine. Plus, this is a great way for entire families to bond.  The following short list among the best outdoor toys for toddlers gives parents the opportunity to play along, imagine, and bond with their children...


Kidoozie Foam Pogo Jumper

Most toddlers jump at the chance to go outdoors when the sun is shining – and I mean literally jump. This Pogo Jumper mimics the motions of a real pogo stick, only this is way safer for little ones who are new to the joys of jumping.

Trust me – I would know since I had a real pogo stick when I was 5 years old, after begging my parents for one – and THIS is MUCH safer. Haha.

Kids stand on the foam platform while holding the handle, and make little jumps for bouncy, buoyant fun.


Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set

Another favorite of mine that takes me back to my childhood – this little basketball set gives kids sporting opportunities to be the next big basketball star. At least in their own backyard. The basketball hoop stand is adjustable to accommodate your growing youngster, and the hoop and rim are oversized for easy dunking.

This outdoor toddler toy includes a toddler-sized basketball – perfect for little hands. This is one of those toys that allow kids to practice their grasping, gripping, and hand-eye coordination.


Gazillion Bubble Machine

Bubbles, bubbles, more bubbles! This machine is all about the bubbles! The design is brilliant, as there is a fan in the back that blows bubble solution through a series of spinning hoops, making perfect, plump bubbles. No wonder this one is nicknamed the Hurricane!

The Bubble Machine blows an extraordinary 500 bubbles per minute, making it the perfect accent for birthday parties and kid-friendly festivals or events. A special bubble solution is included, and you can always buy more when you run out. Plus, the machine is super-easy to take apart and clean.


For 2015, here is a video short-list of top-selling and highly rated toddler toys for the great outdoors:

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