Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Best Toys for Imaginative 2 Year Old Girls

2015's Top Toys for Girls Age 2

Which toys for two girl old girls would be great?  Those that inspire. 

Each kiddo is different, which means the way they express themselves have to be entirely unique, nurturing their flourishing little imaginations. Or, BIG imaginations in most cases. The smallest little girl could be housing the most amazing things in her mind! 

This short list of three of the best toys for 2 year old girls is for just those types. The ones who practically overflow with imagination, creativity, and make-believe potential. The ones who look at the world and see vibrant colors where others might see grey and white. 


For girlie girls with an adventurous streak – this trike grows and adjusts to match ever-changing heights and imaginations. For infants, the trike begins as a stroller, one that mom or dad can nudge and steer along with the help of a push-along handle. As your little girl grows, the stroller becomes a push-along, or pull-along, tricycle that she can mimic riding. 

When she’s ready, in her toddler years, the trike turns into a traditional tricycle, complete with training wheels. Then, finally, for those cuties that are finally feeling truly confident and adventurous, the trike morphs into classic – sans training wheels, so girlies can pedal as fast as their legs can go.


Elmo has always been a favorite of mine. His high-pitched little laugh inspired me to snag a Tickle Me Elmo in the 90s, and from there, he has graced my television at least once a week for the last couple decades. 

There is simply something inspiring about how imaginative and creative this furry, red creature can be. 

The new Let’s Imagine Elmo is all about imagination. He encourages kiddos to use their imaginations, dressing him up as a sea captain, prince, or cowboy with an assortment of adorable hats. 


Building is one of the first ways that little ones can really express themselves, especially when the building blocks are chunkier and easier to grasp by little hands. 

These building blocks, also known as Mega Bloks, consist of 80 colorful bricks, easy to snap together and build something from nothing. Their colors match the hues of the primary color wheel, teaching kids about colors, while improving hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. 

After playtime, these blocks can stow away inside the convenient, easy-zip bag.


Here is a fun little video "short list" of 2015's top toys for girls age 2:

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