Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Best Kiddie Pools for Swimming Beginners

Most people think of teaching their toddlers how to swim, and automatically conjure up images of swimming fins and inflatable wings. Anything to keep their kiddos afloat. However, swimming begins by getting your youngsters accustomed to water.

Some kids only freak out in the swimming pool because of the new weightless, floating feeling.

The following three picks among the best kiddie pools are perfect for getting your toddler accustomed to splashing and playing in the water. Kids can learn how to be calm when water hits their chin or engulfs their waist, which is essential to keeping your youngsters safe in watery situations.

Plus, a couple of these kiddie pools have toddler-friendly extras, such as little learning toys attached to the pool rims.


Intex Rainbow Ring Pool Play Center

If I have never mentioned how much I love rainbows, then I am doing it now… I LOVE rainbows!

The colors are vibrant, beautiful, and bold, especially when they are incorporated into a kiddie pool. Each element of the Rainbow Ring Pool is inflatable, and it inflates in minutes. Good news for parents!

This kiddie pool features everything colorful and rainbow-themed, such as a center slide, wading pool, water sprinkler, ring toss game, and vivid, plastic throwing balls.


Intex Lil’ Captain Baby Pool

Sure – your toddlers absolutely love being out in the warmth of the summertime sunshine, but those UV rays can be harmful and damaging to your kiddo’s skin. This kiddie pool gives your toddler protection from the harsh sunshine, while still letting your baby bask in the heat.

In the shape of a pirate ship, this kiddie pool – nicknamed the Lil’ Captain – features a canopied wading area, awesome pirate-themed d├ęcor, and an inflatable wheel that your youngster can use to steer their pirate ship.


Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool

More rainbow rings? Yes, please! This kiddie pool – dubbed the Sunset Glow – features three rings of vibrant, vivacious color, stacked atop one another to provide a comfortable, wading pool for your baby. This kiddie pool accommodates 22 gallons of fresh water, and the rings are super-soft for little hands to grasp.

For your baby’s bottom comfort, the base of the Sunset Glow is extra-cushioned, yet firm for support. With supervision, kids can spend hours basking in the coolness of refreshing water, while enjoying the warmth of summer.

Plus, when your youngster gets a little older, there are bigger versions of the Sunset Glow, so you can simply upgrade.

If you still are thinking about which kiddie pool might be the best for your own purposes, here is a "top 5" video that might help you along:

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