Wednesday, May 20, 2015

3 Top Picks in Toys for 5 Year Old Girls - 2015 Tried and True Favorites

This past Christmas, quite a number of new toys were released.  As someone who studies and writes about toys, I have found that waiting for the "dust to settle" after the Christmas rush is actually the best time to find which toys among all the new releases have received the best ratings and reviews from consumers - answering this question - "Which toys have stood the test of time?"

Now almost into summer-time, the list of toys for girls at or around age five that stand out are not as difficult to "filter out" or track down.

So - after quite a bit of scouring and researching - I picked 3 among the best toys for 5 year old girls which not only have maintained their position as great-sellers, but look like they will be true favorites for quite a while - and would likely be great gifts for just about any girl this age.


My First Disney Princess Frozen Snow Glow Elsa Singing Doll

Elsa was a mega-hit this year, as was the entirety for the Disney movie, Frozen. So – it should come as no surprise that her dolly likeness is one of the top 3 most creative, awesome toys for 5-year old girly-girls in 2015.

There are dozens of shimmering sparkles and gleaming glitters that give this Elsa an ethereal glow, and she beautifully sings a stunning rendition of ‘Let it Go’ for her newfound friends.

Plus, she wears a shining snowflake around her neck that lights up during the peaks in her song.


Kindle Fire HD Kids’ Tablet

When Amazon released the Kindle Fire, I was beyond excited and that tablet became my go-to for everything. Now, kids can experience that same exhilaration of having all of their favorite movies, books, and music on-hand.

The differences? These Kindle Fire tablets are designed especially for youngsters, as they have parental controls and child-friendly WiFi options.

There are also rubber bumpers around the edges of each tablet, meaning your youngsters can have their dropsy accidents without damaging the screen of their new Kindle.


LeapFrog LeapBand

Fitness is one thing that has always been somewhat of a constant focus in my life, and I do indeed believe that kids should go outside and play as often as possible. Or do some kind of exercise to keep their hearts and minds healthy. Which is why I absolutely LOVE the LeapBand.

This is the first activity tracker to ever be designed especially for kids. There are lots of intriguing, interesting games for youngsters to play – each one challenging enough to match a preset skill level.

As kids complete the activity and exercise missions, those games get tougher, offering fun challenges for kids to feel accomplished about completing.


Here are some more suggestions in toys for girls age 5 - this list is for the spring and summer 2015:

To find this year's current "hot top 10" list of top-selling and highly rated toys for five year old girls, here is where to go:

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