Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Best Toys for Sporty 2 Year Old Boys

Best Two Year Old Boys' Toys of 2015

Toys that are geared toward boys age two are those that seem to speak to their unique personalities. Kids can be anything in the entire world, and it is up to us, as parents and caregivers, to encourage their imaginations. 

Some little boys are artsy and keen on designing, building, and constructing. Others are more in tune with their inner athlete, using their athletic know-how to push the boundaries of their fitness levels with sports and outdoor activities. 

This article is for those little boys. The ones who love playing outside, using their legs, arms, and imaginations to throw, catch, spin, twirl, and be awesome. 

For those sporty (very) young lads, the following three toys are what I would consider the best of the best toys for 2 year old boys.


T-Ball was the end-all, be-all sport of my childhood. I, my siblings, and the neighborhood kids would congregate on the playground fields during the weekends, playing for hours until we heard our parents calling from our houses (only a few seconds away). It sounds like a scenario out of Leave It To Beaver, but those were the best days. 

Now, kids can experience the same level of sportiness and awesomeness in their own backyards. This T-Ball set is adjustable, accommodating toddlers as they grow, and featuring a chunky, easy-grasp bat, a tee, and two oversize tee-balls for perfect swings and hits every time. 


Believe it or not – I had one of these when I was a youngster! I would spend SO much time practicing my free throws, and at the very short age of 8, I thought for sure that I would be a basketball player. Now, at just over 5-feet-1, I know those dreams were a bit far-fetched. Haha.  :)

This basketball set is, of course, adjustable with six settings to accommodate the height of your little tyke. An oversized rim ensures slam dunks and 3-point shots galore, and the toddler-sized basketball is small enough for little hands to grasp easily.


I never played on a scooter before, but from what the kiddos have said, I really missed out on the awesome fun of scootering around the neighborhood. 

This scooter is a first, perfect for adventurous, sporty little lads with a mischievous streak. Decked out in either pink or red, these scooters feature an extra-wide base with two front wheels, and a tapered bottom with a single back wheel. 

The design makes foot-powering the scooter easier, while providing your kiddo with stability, sturdiness, and confidence in knowing they are safe.


If you are searching for more, you can check out a "top 5" list video below, or visit our top 10 list for this year of toys for boys age 2 @

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