Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Best, Safest Go Karts for On-the-Go Kids in 2015

Of course, as someone who cares for kids, you will naturally always be concerned for their safety. Keeping them safe becomes a number one priority in everything you buy, and you find yourself extensively researching the smallest toys to discover the ins-and-outs of any safety features.

Lucky for you, I have saved you a little bit of time in the research department. The following among the best go karts for kids also appear to be the safest, giving your on-the-go kids the protection they need while they are racing around open fields, rural lots, and your own backyard. Additionally, while these go karts have proven themselves to be the safest and very best of the best, you should also ensure your youngster has the right helmet and padding for their racing endeavors.


Razor Dune Buggy

A classic go kart, through and through – this Dune Buggy is a safe bet due to the low speed and the close-knit roll cage. A rectangular pattern of steel handlebars on either side of the seat go far in keeping kids steady, stable, and balanced while riding.

This go kart is electric-powered, reaching high speeds of 10 miles per hour. The hand throttle is equipped with brake controls, putting your kiddo in control of their starts and stops.


Hauck Traxx Thunder Go Kart

Sleek in all black, this go kart ranks high on the list of safe, classic ride-ons because of the roll cage. The cage encircles the seat on both sides, ensuring kiddos remain seated and safe throughout their ride. Of course, as mentioned before, parents should ensure their youngsters are well-equipped with the right helmet and padding – but this go kart adds an extra layer of safety protection.

The classic tires are inflated with air, making them easier to guide over all terrain. Additionally, a shifting break offers a gradual slow-down, while a second brake can be used for emergency, on-a-dime stops.


YBike Explorer Go Kart

This is probably THE safest go kart on this short list, because there are no batteries, charges, or technological gadgets required. This go kart is entirely, effortlessly, completely powered by kicks and pedals. Kids can go as fast as their legs can work, and the side railings provide optimum support to keep kiddos in place.

On the sides, a couple of handlebars jut upright with padded caps, providing easy grip and a strong grasp for steering, drifting, classic riding, and cornering. This go kart is awesome in contrasting black and lime green.

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