Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Three of the Best Inflatable Swimming Pool Toys for 2015

Swimming back and forth from one swimming pool curve to another is fun for a while, but eventually, the amusement of wading around in water loses its grandeur. The best inflatable pool toys are those that maintain your fun in the summer sunshine.

I have researched, scoured, and researched some more, divvying up the very best of the best when it comes to inflatable awesomeness for your swimming pool summers. The following three hand-picked inflatable pool toys are an absolute blast, giving you and your kids more of a reason to head to the swimming pool when the beauty of summer becomes more enticing than staying indoors.


Intex Sea Turtle Ride On Pool Toy

Detailed and beautiful in vibrant, vivacious, contrasting greens – this inflatable Sea Turtle is all the rage because it is basically a huge, amazing, ride-on sea creature. Kids, and most adults I know, would go gaga for something like this, especially when that something floats awesomely and conveniently in a swimming pool.

The massive fins, as well as the shell handles, serve as hold-on curves for kids. Parents can grab ahold of the fins from in the water, whirling their youngsters around to elicit adorable giggles and squeals of delight.


WOW Sports Water Pickle Inflatable Pool Noodle

Part of my job as your grand toy researcher and writer extraordinaire comes from scouring the Internet and stores for the perfect toys. This one, while awesome, made me laugh hard when I first saw it. Why, you ask – because it is named a Water Pickle! Haha!

This inflatable is kind of like a classic tube of floating foam, only without the foam. It is a great flotation device, because kids can deflate it for travel, and inflate it again when they get where they are going.


Big Mouth Toys Gigantic Donut Pool Float

As someone who has watched decades of The Simpsons, I totally, wholeheartedly believe that this inflatable pool toy is one that Homer Simpson would LOVE.

In the shape of a bitten donut, this float is massive with pink frosting and rainbow sprinkles. It is accommodating to accidental scrapes and bumps, as there is a patch repair kit for such occasions. Summer-loving kids will love riding, or should I say floating, around in this donut – plus, most adults – ME definitely – would love having this sitting around for their floating pleasure on a sweltering summer day.


OK - and here is a video with some more picks for 2015 - 5 from the list of the 10 best inflatable pool toys - woo hoo!  =)

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