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Three of the Cutest, Best Baby Doll Strollers in Pink

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Holy WOW – baby dolls have BOOMED to new levels of popularity that I am just now taking notice of. Not only that, but strollers for these little dollies have soared to the top of Christmas and Birthday lists worldwide, giving girls a chance to take their baby dolls…well, everywhere.

After some hardcore research into what makes the best baby doll strollers, I have settled on a selection of three – in pink, of course. These strollers are durable with adjustable handlebars and kid-friendly heights. Kids can buckle in their babies, stow away a few picnic snacks in the bottom basket, and hit the park trail on a slow stroll to enjoy nature.

The three cutest, best baby doll strollers (in pink) are:


Chicco Doll Stroller

I love how simple, classic, and realistic this stroller is. If you were to see it in the store, without reading that it was a baby doll stroller, you would think that it is just a miniature stroller for little babies. Ha. Or, at least that’s what I thought. Derp!

This little push-around is beautiful in pink with grey accents, and the top is canopied to keep the sunshine from fading your cutie’s favorite dollies. The front wheels swivel, while the back wheels are sturdy, giving your tiny tyke the leverage to navigate effortlessly.


Mommy & Me My First Doll Jogging Stroller

My favorite on this short list of three – this stroller is designed specifically to accommodate your little girlie’s first ever baby doll. It is totally modern in hot pink with black, contrasting accents, and a single swivel wheel on the front makes it easier to turn.

This stroller is also considered a jogging stroller, meaning your little cutie can exercise with her dolly in tow. Afterwards, the stroller folds away flawlessly for easy storage in a bedroom or garage.


Badger Basket Folding Doll Umbrella Stroller

What sold this stroller for me was the cutesy gingham pattern across the fabric. Resistant to water, sunshine, and the elements that any eager toddler can create – this stroller features swiveling wheels on the front, and steadier wheels on the back, making it glide smooth over pavement, hardwood floor, and even carpet.

Little ladies with dolly-loving friends can take this stroller (and their baby dolls, of course) for a play date. Or, consider taking this one along on your next family picnic, with dolly in tow.

Here is a short video - 2015's top picks in doll strollers - cute!  =)

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