Monday, March 9, 2015

3 Bikes That Toddlers Will Go Gaga Over - Spring and Summer 2015

Some toddlers are super-easy to please – you know the type, erupting into fits of adorable giggles at the slightest funny moment. Whereas other toddlers are hard-pressed to be less-than-easy to please, staring you down with the most cynical expression as you struggle to get the hint of a giggle. However, one thing I discovered in doing my research on toys is that bikes usually get a smile – regardless of what kind of kid you have.

While scouring the inter webs, I researched and hand-picked three of the best bikes for toddlers. These bikes are what your kiddo will go gaga over – and by that I mean giggling, smiling from ear to ear, and being oh-so, un-contained, and undeniably cheerful. Which is exactly what you want your little lady or gentleman to be.


KaZAM Classic Balance Bike

My favorite bike on the entire list – this classic is a traditional balance bike with a twist. Instead of simply raising their feet off the ground on a kick-off, toddlers can cool their heels on a wide, comfortable footrest. This gives them the sense of having pedals and moving forward, without actually pedaling actively. Great for learning stability and balance!

Additionally, this bike features adjustable handlebars, as well as an adjustable seat. Plus, the tires are inflated with air, making them a softer, safer option, compared to the thick, all-rubber brands.


Radio Flyer Classic 12 Inch Cruiser Bike

Beautiful in an array of awesome colors, such as traditional pink and blue, the Radio Flyer Classic is exactly that – a classic. This is the kind of reliable, durable bike you might see on long lost episodes of Leave It To Beaver or The Brady Bunch (fantastic old shows, by the way).

Equipped with a real ringing bell and an adjustable grow-with-me seat, this bike is a cinch to assemble, and versatile enough to ride from a young age, well into childhood. Plus, there are some options of this classic that feature silky streamers attached to the handlebars.


EZee Glider Kids Balance Bike

Sleek, smooth, and awesome, this balance bike, like the aforementioned balance bike, has no pedals. However, unlike the above mentioned balance bike, this one is equipped with stirrups that give kids the sense of having pedals without using them to propel forward.

Instead, kids kick off and draw their feet up – this moves them forward, but still puts the focus on balance and stability.


Find summer 2015's "top 5" among the best toddler balance bikes - cute little video:

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