Monday, March 9, 2015

Realistic Baby Dolls for Nurturing, Loving Youngsters - Top Picks for 2015

My childhood was brimming with stuffed animals and baby dolls, but I never had one that was super-special – one that I wanted to keep by my side at all times, and I always envied those youngsters who had a favorite of their baby doll and stuffed animal collections because I simply could not choose one that was end-all, be-all for me.

Your kiddo may be the same as I was, or they may be looking for their true baby in a plethora of the best baby dolls for kids. Either way, I have hand-picked and short-listed a phenomenal 3 – each with realistic features and detailed compositions for those loving, nurturing youngsters in your life.

Those 3 too-cute baby dolls are:


Melissa & Doug Jenna Doll

Jenna is everything a kiddo could want in a baby doll. She has super-soft skin that is supple and smooth to the touch – just like a real baby’s, and she has a gentle expression that makes her oh-so-adorable and huggable.

Your nurturing youngster will love taking care of their new baby, as Jenna has eyes that open and close for naptimes.

She also sucks her thumb or a pacifier, and arrives in a pretty-pink, super-frilly ensemble.


Disney Frozen Deluxe Elsa Baby Doll

If Disney princesses were ever real babies, they would definitely resemble Elsa. She is one half of the frozen sisterly duo, and she is as cute and sweet as ever.

While her snowy powers have yet to evolve into what later makes her a reigning snow queen, this adorable princess is still decked in a beautiful, bright-blue garb with shimmering snowflakes on her lacy dress.

She also dons the signature braid and a cutesy tiara on top of her head. Her expression is completely worry-free and happy – basically a far cry from the Elsa we see towards the middle of the Disney movie.


Adora 20 Inch Woof Baby Doll

I have never, ever, ever seen a baby doll who looked half as realistic and adorable as Woof. He is the type of WOW realistic that makes adults and kids alike take a double glance. His bright eyes are gorgeous and shimmering with life, and he is hand-painted with soft, gentle features and beautiful detailing. His lifelike attributes are too-cute and smooth, and his cheeks are flushed with a healthy glow that exudes life.

Plus, his midsection is super-cuddly and plush for nighttime cuddles.


Here is a fun little "best of" video - 2015's top picks in baby dolls for little ones:

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