Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Fantastic LEGO Sets for 4 Year Olds

2015's "Best of" LEGO Sets for 4 Year Old Kids

Most of the time – we are all in agreement that the ages of 2-3 are toddlers, but what about a 4 year old? Have these youngsters made the transition to full-fledged ‘kids’ yet? Or do you consider these almost-there kiddos still toddlers? Just a thought! 

For me, I think 2-4 year olds are toddlers, as youngsters are gathering their hand-eye coordination and developments – the attributes that make independent kids out of dependent toddlers. 

With the above in mind – I have handpicked the best LEGO sets for 4 year olds. Included are DUPLOs, which are bigger building bricks, and then there are traditional building bricks – each in their own respectively, colorfully awesome glory. 

Three of the top-notch, most fantastic LEGOs for 4 year old youngsters are:


Abundant and bountiful with over 600 colorful building bricks – this LEGO set is my personal favorite. 

There are elements to make a multitude of awesome, imaginative buildings, animals, and automobiles – and each brick is perfect for easy-grasping amusement that can last for hours at a time.

Your youngster is reigning royal over their own LEGO domain with this set, and the building bricks brim within the convenient, tote-around bucket when they are finished playing. 


Packed with a powerful wallop of unique, rare colors, this LEGO favorite brims with over 650 building bricks of various sizes. The only limit here is your kiddo’s imagination, as the bricks provide inspiration by simply being free of a theme. 

Instead of adhering to a specific set – your youngster has the opportunity to make their LEGO dreams into realities. There are enough bricks here for buildings, animals, vehicles, and literally thousands of other creations. 


There are 2 versions to this set – one for boys and another for girls in either green or pink. However, I think both options are perfect for either gender of any age, as the only things that change are the DUPLO characters. 

The green set (which is the one I chose to represent here) features a boy LEGO DUPLO figurine, an adorable puppy, and elements to build wagons, homes, and a number of other awesome structures. 

For stowing away of the 65 LEGO building bricks – the green container (which is shaped like a gigantic LEGO brick) is accommodating and roomy. Plus, it is compact enough to carry around on short road trips, or to place in a toy box until next playtime.


More LEGOs for 4 year olds - here is a top 5 "short list" of popular and highly rated sets for this year:

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