Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Toys to Give Your 6-Year old Girl a Creative Outlet

After months of well-researched decisions, decisions, decisions – I finally hand-picked the superior 3 that made the cut of the best toys for six year old young ladies over the past year or so. This year, there are thousands more little ladies with their interests in arts and crafts, which means this year's picks are impressive, beautifully crafted, and perfect for serving as a creative outlet.

Kids will be happy for the challenge in the line-up this year, as each toy – in combination with being great for creative expression – is also a learning experience. From feeling the breezes of freedom and independence for the first time to creating their own stories and making the most out of active time – these 3 among the best toys for 6 year old girls are great choices.


Razor A Lighted Wheel Kick Scooter

Luminous, creative, and unique, these kick scooters are more than classics – they are innovative instant favorites. The original scooters are timeless and traditional, as everyone seemed to have one hidden away in their garage when I was growing up. Now, these scooters are even moreso enticing and appealing, as the front wheel lights up in a dazzling, sparkling display of illuminating colors.

The colors of the lights depend entirely on the colors of the scooter wheels, and there are a slew of vivid tones available to express your kiddo’s personality.


Kindle Fire HD Kids’ Tablet

My Kindle Fire is an absolute go-everywhere must-have! Which is why I was so gung-ho about the release of the Kids’ Edition. These tablets are sleek and slender, but their abilities are expansive, extensive, and voluminous. Equipped with a ring of rubber that serves as an accident-free bumper, these tablets come in a variety of cool colors that kids are likely to love.

They also store up to 5000 downloads that could include games, movies, music, and books – all kid-friendly, of course.


LeapFrog LeapBand

The LeapBand is the true meaning of innovative and revolutionary, as these gadgets are the first-ever fitness/activity trackers for kids. They promote the importance of healthy living through being active and staying fit. How? Through over 50 interactive challenges and fitness missions!

Kids can engage in exciting, challenging exercises with some of their favorite animal friends, and the activities are designed to get little hearts pumping. Plus, as exercises become easier, the challenges become more difficult to test and strengthen your youngster.


If you're interested in "jogging around" some more toy or gift ideas for a six year-old girl, here is a video with some more ideas:

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