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Boy Oh Boy! It’s Back to School Backpacks!

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Best School Backpacks for Boys in 2015

With the increase in schoolwork, homework, heavier textbooks, and more paperwork and need-to-have school supplies, kids are faced with a backpack dilemma. Which brings me to why the best backpacks for boys are the best.

Through heaps of research and personal experience with my own kiddo, I have narrowed down a top 10 list of awesome backpacks to a solid, reliable, awesome top 3.

These backpacks, while fantastic for school stuff, can be used for anything, regardless of whether the school year has rolled around yet. From adventurous, to preschooler cute, to funny, these backpacks are functional as well as expressive for little boys with BIG personalities.


Jurassic World Backpack

Let’s be honest – Jurassic World was an epic movie. One that your little boy probably LOVED, or is utterly bugging you to go see. This Jurassic World backpack features the JW emblem in its toothy T-Rex glory, complete with silver DNA accents on a bright blue backdrop. The material is machine-washable, ultra-durable, long-lasting polyester, and there are two zippered compartments on the front for extra roominess.

If your youngster prefers dino fight scenes, or perhaps bigger, better, badder dinosaurs from the JW movie, there are three other designs available.


Skip Hop Zoo Backpack and Lunchie

In the shape of a hoppy, happy frog – this backpack is perfect for preschoolers. Inside of the backpack, there is a matching lunch bag – soft and lightweight, of course, and big enough for ice packs to keep snacks cool. The frog is neon green with big, googley eyes and a friendly smile. His tummy is the front pocket – extra-roomy and zippered for convenience.

Inside of both the lunch bag and backpack, there are attached name tags that you can write on with permanent marker. If a frog isn’t your little guy’s style, Skip Hop Zoo also offers giraffe or puppy versions.


Despicable Me 2 Jerry Backpack

You might think all of the Minions look the same with their weird glasses, crazy strands of hair, yellow skin, and goofy demeanors…but they have totally different personalities. Jerry is quirky, kooky, and unique. He also LOVES being the center of attention, hence why he takes front and center on this Despicable Me 2 backpack.

This backpack is not only hilarious, awesome, and cute, it’s also sturdy, reliable, and padded around the shoulder straps for better weight distribution. The front zippered pocket is also super roomy.


To jog some more ideas on the perfect school backpack for a boy, here is a short little mini-vid, top 5 list:

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