Monday, December 17, 2012

More on Melissa & Doug Knob Puzzles - So Puzzled!

The very act of piecing together an elaborate puzzle can leave a child feeling bamboozled and...well... puzzled! Melissa & Doug knob puzzles take the confusion out of tradition puzzle pieces, adding a touch of kid-friendly to their designs.

Each puzzle is built to be engaging and educational, attracting and keeping a child's interest while enhancing fine motor skills, and matching abilities. A few puzzles even offer a nudge in the right direction with reading, allowing little ones to get a jumpstart on the ever-important alphabet. A few popular choice M&D puzzles this season are...


Melissa and Doug House Pets Knob Puzzle (shown in left photo)

From the cute and cuddly, to the always squawking and talking, this puzzle features 3 loveable house pets for your child to get to know. They'll likely name each piece, beginning with the adorable puppy, followed by the mischievous kitty, and ending with the beautiful canary. Easy-grasp knobs make it simple for little hands to piece this puzzle together, while friendly smiles and sweet dispositions keep these natural animal enemies from fighting over slots.


Melissa and Doug Fish Bowl Knob Puzzle

If you've got a future Oceanographer on your hands, this crab, fishy, and turtle will more than satisfy their water-loving adorations. Made with jumbo knobs for easy grasping, each puzzle piece has a hidden surprise picture beneath it.


Melissa and Doug Fruit Basket Large Knob Puzzle

This puzzle prepares your learning little one for a picnic in the park, complete with all manner of fruit and a traditional basket. Extra-thick puzzle pieces are colored and shaped like some of your child's favorite food, from bananas to pears and grapes. Large knobs mean smaller hands will have no trouble grasping and piecing, while this is educational in hand-eye coordination, colors, and visual perception. 


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