Monday, December 17, 2012

Lite Brix Building Sets - A Bag of Cool!

Tinker toys and traditional building blocks do little to spark the imagination of children from the ages of 6 and up. While Lincoln Logs are grand and LEGO may be awesome, Lite Brix building sets are the new cool for kids who want to put extra Oomph! in their afterschool creations. We'll let a few of these popular toys speak for themselves...


Lite Brix Extreme City Lights

Inspired by some of the flashiest cities in the world, this set requires 9 AA batteries, a screwdriver, and a willing parent to bring a child's imagination to life. For ages 6 and up, adult supervision might be required for smaller children, but older kids have been known to get the hang of constructing these blocks very quickly. When fully constructed, the skyscraper stands over 2 feet tall with accompanying buildings on each side. Standing bright and bold, the city is beautifully lit from the inside, giving a 3D feel to the whole structure.


Lite Brix Star Shuttle

Get ready for a galactic blast-off! This rocket set is equipped with 4 color LEDs and special connectors to make each shuttle stand out. There are enough blocks and pieces to build a rocket, plane, and launch pad all at once, with a few pieces leftover. A mini-figurine space astronaut fits snuggly into the Shuttle place, while imagination counts down to the moment of lift off.


Lite Brix Space Trooper

You've never seen an alien quite like this. Lit from the inside with the help of a battery pack, 8 connectors and 9 lite brix, this space man is fully functional and posable. He outshines enemies, protecting your child from fearsome boogeymen that may lurk underneath a bed. Plus, his excess building parts can be used with other Lite Brix toys.


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