Monday, December 17, 2012

Knob Puzzles from Melissa and Doug - For Little Learners

There's a certain age toddlers reach where they want to pick up everything and then wedge those items in confined spaces - all to see if it fits. 9 times out of 10, the answer is "no" and parents are stuck with a tinker block forever lodged between the floor and refrigerator. Melissa and Doug Wooden Knob puzzles can help with this stage in a child's life! Each of their puzzles is designed to engage, interest, entertain, and satisfy the growing curiosity of a flourishing little learner. A few popular choices are...


Melissa and Doug Knob Farm Animal Puzzle

Perfect for pre-tots of 12 months and up, this puzzle displays farm animals in all their "Old MacDonald" glory. Fastened with extra large knobs for optimum non-slip grip, each animal (and the farmer) has their own carved slot. They also all smile out at your child, encouraging a job well done. Made from the best wooden materials, a surprise picture is under each animal, awaiting your little boy's brag-worthy accomplishment.


Melissa and Doug Jungle Friends Knob Puzzle

If farming isn't your child's fancy, he'll adore the monkeying around with jungle friends. 100% wooden with laminate overlays, this puzzle features a lion, giraffe, and elephant - each with a friendly expression of encouragement and contentment. Easy-grasp knobs make puzzle piecing no problem for little hands, while matching pictures underneath each piece let your child know where the piece best fits.


Melissa and Doug Large Shapes Knob Puzzle

This puzzle is all about early geometry! From circles and squares, to rectangles and triangles, each easy-to-understand shape is represented in an array of colors. Their names are printed clearly for an educational advantage, and the easy-grasp knobs are perfect for fumbling fingers. This allows little ones to develop fine motor, matching, and reading skills.


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