Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Toy Boxes For Girls - Pretty In Princess Pink

Is your daughter a girly-girl who loves all things pretty, pink, or princess? Is she unhappy with the traditional toy boxes for kids because they lack color, personality, and uniqueness?

Below we've compiled a short list of toy boxes that are perfect for that perfect princess in your life:



Disney Fairies Toy Box @ Amazon
Disney Fairies Toy Box

Featured on this box are Tinkerbelle and all her flitting friends, as they pose and stop to smell the beautiful flowers imprinted on this box's every surface. A hinged safety lid reassures a hurt-free playtime, while the capacity is large enough to accommodate over 30 medium-sized toys from a girl's room. The chip-resistant paint and decals allows your little girl to adore her fairy pals endlessly; plus, the durable material makes this box built to last.


Disney Princess Toy Box @ Amazon
Disney Princess Pretty Pink Toy Box

Decked in pink with rosy emblems, this box features 4 of your little girl's favorite princesses - Aurora, Belle, Snow White, and Cinderella. The safety-hinged lid features the outline of a purple crown to symbolize your daughter's adventures into the world of Disney royalty. All of her queenly play costumes will fold to fit snugly into this box -- topped by her adored princess figurines and Disney movie memorabilia.


Austin Toy Box in Pink @ Amazon
KidKraft Austin Toy Box

This toy box features a simple design for little girls who want to customize their own space. If she's not a big fan of pink but prefers traditional furniture tones, this storage bin will be perfect for her array of personality-fitting toys. Each box can be customized with an emblem of your daughter's name before shipping, giving it a personal touch in whatever color might be her favorite. The durable slick surface means she'll be able to decorate with stickers and decals, while having the option to take them off as she grows older.

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