Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Skateboards For Mini-Pros - Wobbles & Completes

Ripstik Caster Board @ Amazon
Do your kids park in front of the television for hours, hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite BMX star? Does your son liken himself to a young Tony Hawk? Or does your daughter imagine beating all the boys with her infamous kick-flips and nollies? Perhaps your kids have been practicing since they were little more than toddlers, gradually gaining experience and hoping to advance with the best skateboards for mini-pros. When they're prepared to take that next step, which skateboards should parents consider first?


Ripstik Caster Board (shown left)

This board gives whole new meaning to the phrase, "Weebles wobble but they don't fall down." Comprised of both skateboard and snowboard elements, a pivoting deck allows for wobbly motion as kids carve their way across the asphalt. With a support of up to 220 pounds, this board can accompany kids through their teen years and even onto adulthood, getting them strategically from point A to point B. They control this board's motion! It does take practice and core strength to control this board, which is why it's ranked in the advanced category, for kids who have handled beginner boards before. It's also available in several neon-inspired colors for added personality.


Penny Complete @ Amazon
Penny Complete Skateboard - 22 Inch

This is a barely there step up from the beginner boards that your pro-wannabe boys and girls will be used to. The deck is extended to a smooth 22 inches but the overall design is simple and reminiscent of the original skateboards from when this nifty past time became a professional sport. The non-slip waffle top assures safer turns with fewer tumbles, while a smooth base along the wheels allows for stickers and colorful additives to express personality. This is the perfect board for kids who usually roll to school or to a friend's house, as it will fit snugly inside a locker or backpack.

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