Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Toy Boxes For Boys - Nifty Bins & Baskets

Lift and Roll Toy Box @ Amazon
Has your little boy worn the paint off his old toy box due to years of hiding during long games of hide and seek? Is he ready for a more modern box to fit his personality and house his unique toy and costume collection? Kids toy boxes don't just come in one color and style anymore. There are literally hundreds to choose from! However, out of those hundreds, we've picked 3 that are family favorites and the best for little boys.


Step2 Lift and Roll Toy Box

If your little boy likes to take his bedroom with him everywhere, this toy box will serve the purpose for transport. 3 cubic feet of space can be stacked with books, toys, games, and clothes for a lidless mobile play space. Built-in handles and durable wheels make it easy for your tyke to tote his toys from room to room without scratching the floor or damaging the toy box. Available in many designs and colors, this box can be customized to fit your son's personality and bedroom d├ęcor.


Bold N Bright Toy Chest @ Amazon
Little Tikes Bold N Bright Toy Chest

Decked out in bright blue and neon green, this toy bin is 6 cubic feet of storage wonders with two removable bins at the bottom for smaller toys. The tough plastic construction has a detachable lid for stackable space, while the lightweight material means this box is easy to transport from playroom to bedroom.


Neat-Oh! ZipBins @ Amazon
Neat-Oh! ZipBin Large Toy Boxes

These bins are by far the most popular among little boys as these are the easiest to design and customize. With several colors and graphics to pick from, your son will have as much fun storing his toys as he will looking at the scene on his toy box. Built for a smaller space, this bin has sturdy zippers and a wipe-clean surface to meet child safety standards.


Get a good look at the best choices in toy boxes for boys and girls this year:

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