Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Science Toys Of 2012 - This Year's Edition

Has your little one taken to watching the Weather channel in hopes of catching glimpses of the next super storm? Does he or she long to chase tornadoes and stand in the eye of a Hurricane? While her ambitions are unique and adventurous, it would be safer to let her explore through science toys 2012 -- a whole new line of scientific wonders for her imagination.

Does your little boy look to the stars for the answer to all of his problems? Does he have high hopes of becoming an Astronaut? Sate his curiosity for a while with one of the 3 things compiled in a science-based list following this paragraph.


Pet Tornado @ Amazon
Pet Tornado

Simple and interesting, this brings the shock and awe of a gathering storm to the curious hands of your little weather watcher. An acrylic cylinder has been back dropped with a scenic view for a "we're not in Kansas anymore" feel. Water and soap makes up the ingredients that come together in a "whirlwind" at the middle of the glass whenever it's twirled, thus creating a small tornado.



Stargazer Telescope @ Amazon
My First Lab Stargazer Telescope

Perfect for stargazing beginners, this heavy-duty telescope is equipped with a tripod base and high-quality glass optics with magnification of up to 150x. It's easy to pinpoint the rings around Saturn or make out the craters of the moon with this gadget! It's a glimpse into a whole new world of wonders as astronomers-to-be look upon up-close views of shooting stars and dazzling galaxies.



Earth In My Room @ Amazon
Uncle Milton Earth In My Room

Your kids don't have to be the best with Geography to appreciate the beautiful astral view of our planet. Lit from beneath, the Earth will go in phases of nighttime and daytime, displaying the city lights that would be seen from space. A perfect night-light, this Earth is remote controlled and wonderfully detailed.

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