Monday, November 19, 2012

Best Educational Toys For Kids - Learning Resources

Pretend and Play School Set
Do you catch your kids singing into the cooking utensils? Do they try to guess how many noodles are in the spaghetti box while you're trying to make dinner? They might be overdue for some enrichment from some of the best educational toys for kids from Learning Resources; a company that specializes in teaching and entertaining. The following 2 toys from Learning Resources have become quick family favorites...


Learning Resources Pretend and Play School Set

Some parents wonder, "Why would my child want to play school after they've been in school all day?" Those same parents played school when they were younger and every generation has or will. It's a reversal of roles as children are put into the shoes of teacher; able to hand out good (or bad) grades with praises and lesson plans they've designed. This school set includes everything a child would think to have in a modern classroom - all in a pop-up foldaway set. A miniature dry erase board is the focal point of the set, while a pocket of school supplies ensures all students are well-prepared for their pretend lesson. An authentic bell chimes when class is in and out of session, and the whole set is easy to carry for those tutoring sessions at a friend's house.


Teaching Cash Register
Learning Resources Teaching Cash Register

Have you ever noticed the way your child seems to watch the cashiers at the grocery store with a mixture of curiosity and fascination? This set allows them to see what it's like on the other side of the checkout counter with a fully functional cash register. The cash drawer holds cash-size (fake) money with a place for coins, coupons, and credit cards. Featuring a built-in scanner, scale, and coin slot, this toy has a prolonged battery life for days of cashier fun.


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