Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thomas Train Sets For Kids - ChooChoo!

Has your little boy been begging for a train set? Does he run around the living room with his sister trailing behind him? Do they feel your house with sounds of "Choo Choo!" or "All Aboard...?" If this sounds like your home, consider getting them one of the best Thomas train sets for kids. Not sure what those would be? We've compiled a short list of the most popular train sets (and tables) for your Choo-Choo-children to enjoy.


The Great Quarry Climb
Thomas & Friends Take-n-Play Train Set - The Great Quarry Climb

Thomas & his friends are all the rage right now when it comes to trains and tracks. A favorite in most homes, this little train doesn't think he can - he KNOWS he can with the help of his pals at the station. From fellow trains to conductors and sympathizing planes, playmates surround Thomas - which is something he needs at the quarry. Cutting slabs of stone to set aside for construction, Owen the Traction Engine helps Thomas gain an edge over the competition. With a fold-over track for convenient storage, the whole track and the 2 accompanying trains are easy to take wherever your child decides to go.


Thomas Rides the Rails Starter Set
Thomas the Train - TrackMaster Thomas Rides the Rails Starter Set

Every conductor has to start somewhere! Made from 8 interconnecting track pieces, this set is small and built for beginners. The motorized railway allows children to get used to their train set before advancing to bigger engines and larger looped tracks. Perfect for ages 3 and up, Thomas chugs along to inspire your child's flourishing imagination. The station offers a flip-switch at the front to bring Thomas and his cargo to a complete stop. Fine-tuning hand-eye coordination and motivating little brains, this train set is the ideal starter kit for those soon-to-be conductors.


"Take and Play" sets are not only fun - they're convenient for both parents and kids - here is a video to give a bit more of a look at the "Great Quarry Climb" as mentioned above:

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