Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Educational Counting Toys - 1...2...3...

Touch Magic Counting Train
Is your little one in the process of learning how to count? Does he often take his socks off to count to 10 when he's tired of counting with his fingers? Or is your little girl ready to count beyond 10, venturing to maybe 15 or 20? Some of the best educational toys revolve around learning to count!

The following toys were ranked high on the list of the 'best' when it comes to counting:

LeapFrog Touch Magic Counting Train

It's all aboard the counting train! Conductor horse leads kids and their animal pals on a numeric adventure from 1 to 20. Children are encouraged to touch the numbers in order to hear the number's name while counting along. It can go backwards and forwards, allowing kids to break away from the norm of counting from 1 to 10. The animals make up 10 friends who want you to sing along with classics like "Old Macdonald," where you (or your child) will get to build a custom version of the song. There's a scenic view of fruits and vegetables in the background, offering the opportunity for children to learn new vocabulary words associated with those delicious treats.


Come and Get Us Counting UmiCar
Fisher-Price Team Umizoomi - Come and Get Us Counting UmiCar

Inspired by the popular children's television series, this toy puts kids in control of their counting adventure. The best way to play hide and seek with numbers, the Umicar will find where your child is hiding from anywhere in the room at the push of the button. It counts and sings the whole way at a pace your kids can understand, encouraging them to count and sing-along from their hiding place. There are also unique games that teach kids about shapes and patterns! All that's required are four double AA batteries and a smooth surface for the Umicar to get up and go.


Video - get a better look at the LeapFrog Touch Magic Counting Train:

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