Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Spies & Their Gear - For Stealthy Kids

Does your little boy hum the Mission Impossible theme song while doing tumbles and rolls from behind furniture? Does your little girl sneak into your room, leaving secret notes that tell of your impending demise if you do not purchase her the latest Barbie dream vehicle? No matter what those little letters and sneaky messages say, it's cute for your kids to be in their spy mode. And it's deserving of the new spy gadgets 2012 (examples below).


Secret Message Invisible Ink
Spy Net Secret Message Invisible Ink

This pen is reminiscent of something Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys would have used. Kids can write secret messages to their friends using invisible ink, and then read them with the attached UV decoder light. Parents will remember something like this when they were younger - more than likely a pen that would have come out of the back of a magazine. However, this is better quality with the ability to write clearly and work in either daytime or nighttime conditions. It's also a great way for younger siblings to keep their secret societies away from the prying eyes of their older sisters and brothers.


Rear View Sunglasses
Spy Net Rear View Sunglasses

Some moms are still telling their kids that they have eyes in the back of their head. With these sunglasses, children can say the same! Designed with softer, bendable lenses, these will allow the wearer to see what's going on directly behind them. The only complaint thus far has been how easy the lenses are to scratch. While they aren't real sunglasses and don't hold up to the UV rays of the sun, these should be handled with care for longer lasting spy shades. Not only do these work like real spy glasses, they're also a trendy and cool addition to a child's spy-worthy wardrobe.

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