Monday, November 19, 2012

Best Wooden Toy Kitchens - For Your Little Chef

Does your daughter love to help bake cookies and cakes for the holidays? Does your son have his own stool for helping in the kitchen when it comes time to make dinner for the family? Give your little chef the experience they need to cook full-time with one of the best wooden toy kitchens on the market in 2012. These kitchens are modern, unique, personalized, and colorful to attract and engage your child's attention through pretend cooking lessons.


Uptown Espresso Kitchen
KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen

Reminiscent of a kitchen you'd see in the back of a restaurant or coffee bar, this set features stainless steel appliances with a speckled countertop. All of the doors open and close to fit an array of faux foods, while a chalkboard surface on the freezer allows kids to remember ingredients or make grocery lists for later. Put this set alongside your home's kitchen so your flourishing cook can bake and prepare meals as you do. The modern uptown look is sleek and innovative for those toddlers who love to whip something up in the kitchen. There are also a few food accessories, cutting board, and cordless phone for the ultimate chef-life experience.


Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen
KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen

Colorful and vibrant, this little kitchen fits in the corner or nook of your child's bedroom or playroom. Equipped with a few pots, pans, and food accessories, the 5 appliance doors actually open and close for easy pretend cooking and storage space. A cordless phone hangs on the kitchen wall for calls to the deliveryman at the grocery store when your chef is short on ingredients, while a chalkboard serves as a forget-me-not message board. Sturdy and reliable, this kitchen has all the comforts of home - there's even a cloth curtain behind the sink to give the illusion of a little kitchen window.


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