Monday, November 5, 2012

Scooters For Beginners - Toddlers & Transportation

Is your youngest child envious of her older sibling's brand new scooter? Does he or she need something to practice on while feeling a smaller bit of freedom and transportable independence? Each year, there seem to be new miniature vehicles for toddlers, including the scooters for kids 2012.

For toddlers this season, which scooters rank the best?


My First Scooter @ Amazon
Radio Flyer My First Scooter

A tried and true company, Radio Flyer is dedicated to reinventing simple long-time ideas with safer features for smaller children (such is the case here). This scooter has a wider base and 2 front training wheels for added stability - a must-have for kids who are just starting out. The tapered base is thinner towards the back wheel for plenty of room to practice a maneuvering kick, and the whole thing is steered with easy-grip handlebars. Available in a multitude of colors for girls and boys, this scooter is 100% assembled straight from the box and folds for easier storage after playtime is over.


Lil' Kick Scooters @ Amazon
Razor Lil' Kick Scooter

Built to be stable and comfortable with a smooth ride, this scooter is decked out in all-over pink or light blue to meet the tastes of both little girls and boys. A three-wheel design offers optimum support while handle bar grips make it easier to hang on when the scooter is in motion. The deck is lower to the ground than a traditional scooter, which means your pride and joy can learn without taking too many tumbles. The frame is welded steel; however, all-encompassing padding provides a sturdy and safer platform (less scrapes and bruises!).

Side note: With any scooter, whether it be for a child or a teenager, the right safety equipment is important. Make sure your child is equipped with a helmet and pads for secure riding - whether they're going up and down the driveway, or a quick ride to the corner store.

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