Tuesday, November 6, 2012

AB Plushies For Cuddles - Soft & Squishy!

Angry Birds Plush - Luke
Has your little boy traded in the comfort of his teddy bear for the idea of a different stuffed animal? Is he no longer satisfied with the security of his old Dino toys to cuddle with when the winds whipping outside? If he'd rather face a nightmare than snuggle with a worn-out Raggedy Andy doll, consider one of the best Angry Birds toys 2012 - an assortment of Star Wars themed and AB-inspired plushies to keep the boogeyman at bay. A few popular favorites are...

Angry Birds Star Wars 5" Plush - Luke

Direct from the SW-theme line of AB plushies, this one features Luke "So Tweet" Skywalker with his popular belt and mop of blonde hair. His expression is one of determination as he prepares for ultimate battle against the green piggies who have stolen his princess. But, even heroes have to sleep. This super-cool squish-tastic plushie is your son's perfect bedtime companion. With light-saber attached to make your little boy feel secure, this birdie will guard against the grunting fiends as your prince sleeps soundly. It's the modern alternative to the usual teddy bear, and it's a stuffed animal your son can feel proud to take to show and tell.

Plush Ice Bird
Angry Birds Space - 5-inch Plush Ice Bird with Sound

This AB is unique because his head is shaped like a block, lending him a stranger appearance and a comical expression. His squeeze-top scalp emits authentic sounds from the downloadable application, while the voice box is hidden among a soft squish of plush. His head is decked in an ice blue with bold red brows and a set of google-like eyes to make him look confused. A stout beak lets his piglet foe know he means business, while a tuft of blue hair adds to the overall goof ball you'd imagine this birdy to be.

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