Monday, November 5, 2012

Hundreds To Start With - Parents For Big LEGO Sets

When it comes to purchasing LEGOs for kids, some parents are considered more courageous than others. While a starter pack of 18 pieces is sufficient for some because of how compact and clutter-free that would seem to be, others are more apt to purchase sets of 1,000 pieces and upward. How come these parents have been dubbed courageous? Some kids like to leave their LEGOs on the floor... in the dark... at night, in places where a parent is sure to step. Those who purchase the bigger sets know what they're getting into, but for the happiness of their child, what are a few LEGO blocks to the feet when half-asleep? With a nod towards those with courage, the most popular bigger sets are...


Ultimate Building Set @ Amazon
LEGO Ultimate Building Set

Considered one of the smaller of the larger building sets, this one contains whopping 405 pieces. That means more opportunity for children to free-form build direct from their imagination (and a few more chances for parents to stub their toes). Aside from the LEGO bricks in various colors and sizes, this set also contains building instructions and photo inspiration for 30 models, as well as mini-figures, windows, doors, building plates, and wheels. To encourage children to tidy up afterwards, a blue storage container houses all 405 pieces with a transparent lid.


Deluxe Brick Box Set @ Amazon
LEGO Bricks & More Deluxe Brick Box Set

Known to parents as the "nothing but bricks" set, this is endless building at its best. With 650 pieces, there are no mini-figures or LEGO additives in sight - it's all building bricks in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Kids can add onto their other smaller sets to create a euphoric wonderland of LEGO everything. Or it can be the starter kit for your mini architect-to-be. It's a collection to thrill most children with the usual problem-sharing siblings.


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