Monday, November 19, 2012

2012 NERF Guns - All In Fun

Does your family have a ritual to let off steam on the weekends? Does it involve running after each other while wearing camouflage paint, yelling war cries, and shooting foam darts or discs? Is this something your whole family looks forward to during their hectic work and school weeks? You'll be happy to hear there are new NERF guns 2012 - a lineup of innovative blasters to make your blow-off-steam weekends a little better. Below you'll find 2 examples of what's been released in 2012, as well as their description and why they'd make an awesome addition to your family bonding time.


N-Strike Maverick
NERF N-Strike Maverick

This blaster has been re-released a few times before with new features added each time. The colors will vary but they're mostly kept low-key and none too vibrant to keep the opponent from seeing prospective shooters. The six-barrel blaster has a flip-open action for quick and easy reload, reminiscent of an Old Western movie. Plus, the foam darts are capped with rubber seals that will make them stick to slick surfaces, like windows, for easier removal and location. Rapid firepower makes this an ideal gun for those who are always on the move, while its lightweight design can fit effortlessly into an oversized pocket.


N-Stroke Recon CS-6
NERF N-Stroke Recon CS-6

Inspired by military quality weaponry, this blaster can be configured several ways and is equipped with a tactical rail for maximum precision. The dual-mod light-beam allows shooters to see their opponents in dim lighting from several feet away without being noticed. The configurable parts allow you to build your custom blaster from scratch; therefore, you're never shooting with the same weapon twice. The quick-reload means you're never out of ammunition for long and the 6 foam darts are bright orange and easy to track down after they've been fired.

Check out this cool video for the Nerf Maverick - the returning favorite year after year...


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