Monday, November 5, 2012

The Obvious Choice - Super Cool RC Cars

Kid Galaxy Bump & Chuck @ Amazon
Sometimes the best R/C cars are the most obvious choice. The proverbial 'cream of the crop' will incorporate a super cool design with amazing new features, rounding it all out with simple kid-friendly functions.

It sounds like an effortless criterion to meet; however, parents are finding it difficult to decide what would be the best for their kids.

We've come up with a short list of the most popular R/C cars right now - all of which are well designed, functional, and unique.

Kid Galaxy RC Bump 'n Chuck Bumper Cars (shown left)

If your little boy and girl can't get enough of the bumper cars at the local fair, this is one way to bring the action home. Two wind-powered bumper cars feature mini drivers and simple remote controls for fast-paced 'bump n' chuck' fun. The 'chuck' feature is when one car hits another as the mini driver is ejected from the seat with a realistic cry of defeat.


Hot Shot KG Racer @ Amazon
Kids Galaxy Hot Shot KG Racer

When the controller is the biggest gadget in the set, you know the car has to pack a powerful punch. This 4" mini-racer is available in several neon-inspired colors for a design with flair to emphasize speed. With the power of 1 9V battery, this racer can go for hours over tabletops, carpets, asphalt - you name it. The roughest terrain is no match!


Morphibian R/C Cars @ Amazon
Kids Galaxy Morphibian R/C Cars

The favorite of this writer, the Morphibian line of R/C cars comes from creative minds! Inspired by fishies and their sometimes-underwater friends, these cars are available in gator-style (with teeth), whale-style (with a flipper), and shark-style (with a fin). Each one works on pavement, dirt, sand, or in shallow water, while deep-groove tires ensure no toppling and tumbling occurs. 5 batteries required and away you go!


It seems that over the past few years, Kid Galaxy has become "king" of remote control cars for kids - for more info, visit the official site:

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