Monday, November 5, 2012

LEGO Board Games - For Non-Boring Gamers

LEGO Champion Game @ Amazon
The term "gamer" can mean a multitude of things. For example, before the world of abundant video games and a new system at least three times a year, there were board gamers - the ones who sat around an actual board game for hours (or even days) to determine a winning outcome. One manufacturer is attempting to bring those gamers back with a twist. Thus far, the best LEGO games of this season have required more than building, as boards are created and played upon until a victor is decided.

LEGO Champion Game

This is a game of family-friendly skill! Included in the set is 1 buildable LEGO dice, 9 mini-figurines, 206 LEGO brick pieces, and a list of building instructions with a thorough rule booklet. The figures have been described as "cute" to "bizarre," made to represent the many unique personalities of the players.

What is the objective?

Special challenges are dished out to individual players and they have a set amount of time to complete those challenges. They're more like mini-games for the LEGO-minded. One example is called Topple the Tower - it's reminiscent of Jenga; however, each builder adds a brick until the tower topples to determine a winner. The track, board, and challenges are 100% customizable, meaning if builders don't like how long the game is taking, they can knock down and rebuild the game to suit their tastes.

For LEGO downtime, the figures and bricks can be used for other LEGO related sets. For instance, if your playful tyke needs an extra pair of mini-figurines for his Harry Potter themed building brick set, he can play with the ones from this game as easily as he would the mini-figurines meant specifically for his other set. All pieces are interchangeable as long as players remember to keep the pieces together for next time's board game.

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