Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Best Ride-On Toys For Tots - Vroom!

Scramble Bug 360 @ Amazon Toys
Has your toddler gone from crawling to full on mobile, complete with walking, running, and begging for a car? If you have a tot that's 3 going on 16, indulge their on-the-go ambitions with one of the best toddler ride on toys - the Scramble Bug 360 Degree Toddler Ride On.

Why is this the ultimate ride-on for children 12 months and up?

Built in the shape of a wacky bug, this ride-on has 4 castor wheels that offer a full-range of 360 motions for toddling tots. Kids can go backwards, forwards, sideways, in circles, and every which way in between with the push of their feet. Fortunately, the seat is also high enough that little toes and fingers are well out of the way of the spinning wheels - meaning less boo-boos and more smiles. The seating is also padded to nurture tired tushes, while the handlebars are equipped with big yellow grips for easier steering.

Where can my child ride this?

Anywhere! The caster wheels are perfect for the smoother surfaces, but they're not too shabby on rougher terrain. As long as your children aren't moving over huge rocks or gravel, this ride-on will glide smoothly in outdoor or indoor conditions. For the outdoors, the wheels are slick and easy to clean with just the spray of a hose.

Is assembly required?

That's the beautiful part that parents love! Assembly isn't required at all. The entire ride-on is ready to use straight out of the box. The instructions are so simple! Open box, unfold ride-on, and take it for a spin - that's it. When your racer-to-be gets done, you can fold it back up and put it away anywhere you like. It's compact for effortless storage and the folding mechanism is kid-friendly so no curious fingers will be harmed in the storage process.

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