Monday, November 5, 2012

LEGOs For Beginners - Toddlers & Tots

As one of the most respected manufacturers of building blocks in the world, LEGO is expected to cover a wide range of customers every year. From the collectors to the teens, and smaller kids, this is one company who has everyone smiling.

It's also the ideal place for parents to go to when they feel their little building beginners are ready to take the next step in brick sets.

This ultimately raises the question of, "What are the best LEGO sets for my mini-architectural newbie?"


Duplo Ville Baby Zoo @ Amazon
LEGO Duplo Ville Baby Zoo Set

This 18-piece starter set includes a giraffe, lion cub, polar bear and elephant with their adoring zookeeper. Each animal has a large building brick "habitat" where all his or her natural environment needs are met.  For example, the polar bear nestles atop translucent blocks of aqua, while the elephant munches on tall cog-like trees over a green plain of grass.  Free-form building allows your child to enhance hands-on skills through
exploration and imagination. This set encourages children to tell their own story by asking, "What's happening at the zoo today?"


Olivia's Tree House @ Amazon
LEGO Friends Olivia's Tree House Set

Olivia and her friends want to have a tree house party, and your little girl is first on the guest list. This set is 191 building pieces of pure fun, including one mini-figurine (Olivia), her pet cat (Maxie), and all the animals of nature around her (birdies, bugs, and butterflies). Build her tree house from the proverbial ground up and then decorate the surrounding buildings with flowers and decals. Accessories for a tree house slumber party are set in place! From a telescope for stargazing, to morning milk and a box of cereal, Olivia and her friends are eager for an evening of story telling and giggles in their custom-built fortress.


Here is a video - more info on the "LEGO Friends" lineup for kids:

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